Hi, I'm Magnus

I'm the creator and designer of Pepp

I'm Magnus!

I have been working out on a regular basis for the last two decades. I have completed several marathons and dozens of other races.

As most people I like to keep track of my training and measure my progress. The problem I find, is having one central place where you can get an overview of your workouts. You use your Garmin when your run and Apple watch when you go to the gym. You sometimes share your training with friends on Strava. It soon becomes hard to keep track.

With Pepp I am scratching my own itch. The goal for Pepp is to be the one stop for keeping track of your training. That means a best in class tool for analyzing and measure progress. It allows you to synchronize workouts no matter what other services you might choose to use.

If this is your first visit, I hope you will consider trying out Pepp. And if you already have signed up, a big thank you for using Pepp.

Magnus, Växjö Sweden 2021

You can find me on Twitter or LinkedIn and you can send me an email anytime to magnus@getpepp.com.