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Auto import is finally here

Importing from external services has always been a central part of Pepp. Up until now the process of importing has been semi manual:

  1. Connect to your service(s)
  2. Complete the workout
  3. Go to Pepp and select a type to import the activity

My use case was that I wanted to be in full control of how I categorised activities in Pepp. I also wanted to be able to reject activities if the same activity synced from different sources.

As an example, Strava calls cross country skiing nordic skiing. I prefer the name "Längdskdor" (the Swedish word for Cross Country Skiing) when importing to Pepp.

Yet, I realize that not all people want to this manual workflow and prefers an automated solution.

Enter Auto Import

Pepp Auto Import

With Auto Import activated, importing from external services is (you guessed it) automatic. No need to set up custom activity types or select the type before importing. After connecing to your service(s) the import is instant. The activity is saved with the same type as in the source service.

In the example above, step 3 is no longer necessary. My cross country workout with Strava is saved as Nordic Skiing in Pepp.

This is the outline for how Auto Import works:

That's Auto Import. As always, let me know if you have comments or questions!