Pepp product updates listed by date

10 August 2021

  • iOS app 🎉📱
  • Updated marketing page
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12 July 2021

  • Average pulse, Max pulse and Stifa is now shown on the dashboard.
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21 June 2021

  • The dashboard now shows trends more clearly.
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5 May 2021

  • New feature, Personal Records. Now you can add and get an overview of your personal records in Pepp.
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26 April 2021

  • New feature, Races. Now you can add and get an overview of your races in Pepp.
  • Added columns to CSV export.
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27 March 2021

  • Added email reminders for pending options, including setting for turning the reminders off.
  • Misc backend upgrades
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19 March 2021

  • New feature, "Breaks". Now you can log sick days, rest days and injuries with Pepp. Click on the plus-sign to add a new activity then switch the tab to Breaks.
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09 March 2021

  • Max pulse and average pulse is now shown in the monthly summary
  • Added a blog to the marketing site
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07 March 2021

  • Months with no activities are now shown in the monthly summary
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24 February 2021

  • Fixed: The distance chart sometimes showed the wrong distance
  • Fixed: Public profiles are now loading correctly
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19 February 2021

  • New pricing model introduced. $20 / year for Pepp Pro. 30 days free trial, no credit card required. After 30 days the account is limited to the dashboard. The monthly summary and activities list is not available on the free plan.
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